is a home-based care centre

run by a group of volunteers that helps

abandoned and orphaned neonatal kittens survive. The team works hand-in-hand with rescuers to save the lives of kittens. 

We are not a shelter or a rescue centre. 


Neonatal kittens under our care are put up for adoption once they are healthy and reach the age of two months old.


We run regular sterilisation programmes with

Animal Nepal to help people sterilise their cats/kittens as well as the stray cats in their community.


Read about basic cat care, tips and health advice. We also offer help via email, Facebook and Instagram to enable you to provide the best care possible for your cats and kittens.

cat hotel

Going away and need someone to look after your cat? Leave your cat with us at our cat hotel for a safe and trusted boarding service.

Cat on Green

If you would like to help us help more kittens,

please donate via eSewa (9823584577)

or via Paypal.