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Norfaizah Ramli, Founder

More commonly known as Richi among her friends and the KTM cat community, Norfaizah is a Singaporean who started Catmandu Lovers during the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. During that time, she rescued 18 kittens and took them under her care. 


With over 20 years experience with cats, Richi specialises in providing post natal care for the new borns and provides basic medical treatments for cats in need.


Neha dangol,


A Nepali, who started helping Richi with fostering kittens after the earthquake. Neha helps with arranging adoptions, organising fostering and re-homing 

rescued kittens.


She is currently based in Ireland and continues to support her organisation and the team.


Jenny Pinder,


Originally an adopter from Catmandu Lovers herself, Jenny a teacher from the UK stepped in to help the organisation during the 2020 lockdown. 


Jenny has a lifetime of experience with cats and is happy to give advice over social media. She also helps with the  continuing development of the organisation.


Michele van alfen,


Michele, a Dutch national, stepped up as a fosterer during lockdown 2020. Her natural way with cats and kittens made her an essential part of the team almost immediately.


She handles charity and fundraising events, and helps with fostering of kittens and the adoption process. She also educates current and potential cat adopters with the necessary information and resources needed to ensure a happy cat community/family. 




A Nepali and an also an adopter from Catmandu Lovers, Sushila is an artist and photographer.

An avid cat lover, she looks after the marketing aspect of the organisation such as events, programmes and products.

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A Singaporean based in Nepal and

a Catmandu Lover adopter, Dora helps with designing, coordinating and managing 

the creation of the organisation's website, as well as offline and online content.


sumit shakya,
education officer

A Nepali with a lifelong love for cats, Sumit is passionate about cat welfare and working to improve animal rights in Nepal. 


Sumit helps Catmandu Lovers with educating the local community about cats (as his Nepali is better than ours!) and working on translating the website to provide more resources in Nepali. 


help animal india, 
Seattle, Washington, US

Help Animals India, a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States, is dedicated to supporting animal protection efforts in India and Nepal. Their goal is to optimize the effectiveness of donor contributions by allocating resources where they are most critical.

In partnership with Catmandu Lovers, they offer crucial financial and practical aid where it can have a meaningful impact. Their objective is not only to provide immediate assistance to animals in India but also to cultivate a sustainable culture of animal welfare.

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Magic Marble foundation, 
Ann Arbor, MIchigan, US

The Magic Marble Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of underprivileged animal populations by supplying them with food, shelter, medical care, and financial aid.


They are actively involved in supporting Catmandu Lovers through sterilization programs, fundraising assistance, and grant provision, along with their dedicated efforts in public education on spaying, neutering, and vaccination.

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