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Image by Daniel Park


Catmandu Lovers provides care for abandoned or orphaned neonatal kittens from newborn to four weeks old.

The team strives to show the best in humanity by caring for the tiniest and most vulnerable felines.

The team conducts educational workshops and promotes animal birth control and sterilisation programmes. We also provide consulting assistance to help individuals learn how to save the lives of kittens in meaningful ways.

The organisation is a home-based care centre that helps abandoned neonatal kittens that are rescued by public. And if the kittens survived and are healthy, they will be put up for adoption at 2 months of age. The team works hand-in-hand with rescuers to save the lives of these kittens.

Every life matters, and we hope our efforts to improve the life of defenseless new born kittens will generate positive actions in the long run.

Cat on Green

If you would like to help us help more kittens,

please donate via eSewa or Paypal.

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