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Cat Nibble

Abandoned/orphaned kittens under four weeks old will need Kitten Replacer Milk (KMR) as a substantial substitute for its mother's milk. Unfortunately KMR is not available in Nepal, but we have our own supply which we will happily give some for a small donation. Other alternatives are goat's milk, powdered baby's milk or if diluted cow's milk if all other alternatives cannot be found. Please note that cats/kitten cannot digest cow's milk. 

If the kitten is very dehydrated you can give glucose water, rehydration salts and preferably coconut water. 


NOTE: DO NOT BUY Pet-o-Lac that is available in the market.

It is known to give kittens severe diarrhoea. 

​As the kitten gets older it will be able to manage solid food. Here at Catmandu Lovers, we feed our kittens yellow pumpkin purée with minced chicken (cooked in water) twice a day. A large spoonful of the pumpkin and chicken mixture is a good serving size for a kitten. On top of that, they should always have access to fresh drinking water and cat biscuits/kibbles at all other times. 

As the kittens get older, they tend to move away from consuming the pumpkin and chicken mixture and will eat cat biscuits/kibbles or/and wet food. ​We recommend Reflex and Le Chat for cat biscuits/kibbles.​ Unfortunately, we have come to find that Drools can cause urinary tract and defecation problems. 

Cat on Green

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