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Before an adoption can take place, you will need to have the following items ready:

  • cat litter

  • litter box

  • litter scoop

  • food bowls 

  • toys 

  • fluffy blanket or thick towel

  • cat/kitten food*

*We recommend Reflex or Le Chat biscuits/kibbles and yellow pumpkin purée with minced chicken. 

adoption guidelines:

How to adopt a cat or kitten

Adoption is free but a sincere donation is required for the work of Catmandu Lovers. All of our kittens and cats are litter-trained, dewormed and treated for fleas. 

Adoptions through the organisation includes free and compulsory sterilisation, and a free rabies vaccination (administered at Animal Medical Centre). When the kitten reaches five months old, we will be in touch with you about an appointment and you are required to bring the kitten for its sterilisation.

Kittens are cute but please be informed that it takes a lot of work to raise a kitten. They are very playful and require a lot of attention. Kittens are also very vulnerable and can fall sick easily. The immune system of orphaned/abandoned kittens is not as strong as it would be if they had been raised by their mother.

When the adoption is approved, we will bring the kitten to your home, and we will conduct a house check to ensure that all the necessary items are ready for the kitten.


Please ensure that all family members agree on the adoption and that there are no allergies in the household.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Catmandu Lovers will take in abandoned/orphaned kittens that are up to six weeks old.


We do not advertise kittens that are not rescued by the team or under our current care. 


If you need to put up adoption notices for kittens you have found, please visit the following pages on Instagram: 

To make the adoption process easy fo first time cat owners and potential adopters, you can purchase the following items directly from us:

  • cat litter (*approx. RS1,400)

  • litter box (*approx. RS1,000)

  • litter scoop (*approx. RS250)

  • food bowls (RS250)

  • cat biscuits/kibbles (between RS900-1,250)

*Please note that prices fluctuate based on market supply and demand. 

By preparing all the items mentioned above, it will make it easy for the cat/kitten to adjust into their new home. Likewise, it will be easy for the you, the adopter to welcome and handle a new pet at home.

Cat on Green

If you would like to help us help more kittens,

please donate via eSewa or Paypal.

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